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Online Chat

Online chat may address point to point communications as well as multicast communications from sender to many receivers feature service. Onlinechatroom give opportunity for teenagers and young people are in the leading movement of changes the possibilities of digital technology. The face of literacy in variety of media through their uses of mobile phone messages e-mails web-pages and online chatrooms. Online Chatrooms are normally used as tools to talk people that are far away, but many people still use them. The expression online chat comes from the word chat which means talk people who live near them because it’s convenient.. This chatroom offered several channels each of which could accommodate up to many people which messages appearing on all users. Online chatrooms require a username and password combination in order to login or join a conversation allowing privacy among users. Word chat has used in connection with various chat systems.

Pakistani online chatroom can produce a strong sense of online identity leading to impression of subcultures and online chat world. Chat are valuable sources of various types of information the automatic processing of which is the objects of chat technologies.  Writing is changing as it takes one some of the function and features of speech and interact with in cyberspace. These virtual interactions involve us in talking more freely and more widely then ever before rapid real time allows teleconferencing. With chatrooms replacing many face to face conversations it is necessary to be able to have quick conversation to person. So many people learn to type as quickly as thy would normally speak such change has yet to be soon.The increasing population of online chatrooms there has been a massive growth of new words created or slang words etc. Teenagers and young people are leading the movement of change.

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